Why should you go to a national PWNA convention?

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
Why should you go to a national PWNA convention?
1. The networking with leaders in the industry.
A. Mike Hindiliter Millions in sales
B. Robert Hindiliter Godfather of pressure washing
C. Doc Reisman Sales Machine for million dollar operation
D. Daryl Merza Making Millions an history in the industry.
E. Paul Horsley one of the few guys washing railcars and making millions.
2. The learning experience from other fellow contractors.
3. The educational classes that will be offered
4. The brotherhood of people in your industry all meeting under one roof
5. Seeing the latest and greatest equipment and technology.
6. Learn what organization you need to belong to.
7. The ability to have million dollar contractors to show you the ropes.
8. Experienced proven successful business men in our industry.

The experiences of meeting people from around the globe have given me so much value to my business.

Networking, talking and learning from others is power. You feel like your business is missing something? It’s all about getting involved with your profession on a new level.

What made me successful, attending events, opening my eyes to others and soaking up the knowledge!!!

Experience, is worth every penny

October 8th through the 10th, 2009


Sounds like good ideas to me.