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Kris Meyer

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Wizard of Wood
This channel is dedicated to all things related to Everett Abrams, known as the
"Wizard of Wood." Here, viewers can expect to find a wealth
of tips, tricks, and information shared by
the Renowned "Wizard of Wood" Himself.

Everett earned the title of "Wizard of Wood" after
hosting forums and live chats online many years
ago, and the name has stuck ever since.
With a focus primarily on exterior wood restoration,
Everett has garnered a reputation for achieving
remarkable results in the field.

Throughout his career, Everett has had the privilege
of teaching over 10,000 contractors across
the country.
He has conducted classes through
prestigious institutions such as the Deck
Restoration Plus Institute, Power Wash University,
Power Washers of North America (PWNA),
and various other companies, associations, and organizations.

For those interested in attending one of
Everett Abrams' "Wizard of Wood" classes, ordering
his "Exterior Wood Restoration Manual,"
or simply learning more, feel free to send him a
message. Dive into the wealth of information
available on this channel, and thank you for visiting!
Deck Restoration Plus Deck & Wood Stain Youtube Channel

This channel is dedicated to showcasing and educating viewers about the range of products offered by Deck Restoration Plus, including Deck & Wood stains. In addition to our stain options, we also provide a comprehensive line of concrete, paver, and masonry cleaners and sealers, among other products.

As the coatings industry continues to prioritize environmentally friendly solutions, Deck Restoration Plus has been at the forefront of innovation. With the decline of oil-based products, finding a stain that is both effective and easy to maintain has been a challenge. However, Deck Restoration Plus identified these challenges early on and has emerged as a leader in developing environmentally friendly stains that exhibit the exceptional qualities and characteristics of oil-based stains.

Our stain features include easy application, mildew resistance, VOC compliance, environmental friendliness, UV resistance, superior water beading, easy future maintenance, penetrating properties, and durability. We offer our stains in a variety of 11 different colors to suit your preferences and needs. Join us as we showcase our products and help you make informed decisions for your wood and surface restoration projects!

Watch the Video Below From Deck Restoration Plus Deck & Wood Stain
Youtube Channel

"The Wizard of Wood Answers Common Questions About Our
DRP Stripper Plus"