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My Next Class will be Feb 9th at the Wash-Mart University event in Houston Tex Feb 9-11 event. If you're interested check out my class link here. Click here

Our Talented Speaker:​

John Tornabene From Clean County Power Washing​

Parking garage cleaning expert John Tornabene of Clean County Powerwashing has been asked for years to share his specialized knowledge of professional parking garage cleaning. This is your chance to learn the ins and outs, tips and tricks and the art of bidding, landing and cleaning commercial parking garages of all sizes.

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$350 Until January 17th!​


February 11th, 2021​

1:00pm - 5:30pm​

$350 Until January 17th!​


Don't Wait! Ticket Prices Go Up:​

  • $350 until January 17
  • $395 until January 31
  • $450 until February 7
  • $495 from Feb 8 - 11

REFUND POLICY (Adjusted For COVID-19)​

A full refund is available for cancellations up to February 1. There are no refunds for cancellations after that date.

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I usually wash my garage with my Karcher vacuum cleaner. But thank you for sharing such helpful information. Maybe in the future, for the sake of the experiment, I will try this way. And tell you about my experience. I have a carpet in my garage, and I was wondering how others clean it. I made my own recreational garage. It often happens that someone can get the carpet dirty when my friends and I are on vacation. I don't know how to clean it, so I give it to a cleaning company - greeleycleaningservice.com. They tend it like I buy a new rug every time. How do you clean your carpets?
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I never washed the garage until I fell in there myself and got my new overalls dirty to fix the car. I have a carburetor engine, the exhaust is strong. My dad said there are now https://cleansolutionllc.com services where they also do garage wall cleaning, even if they are made of metal. We had weak cladding and that prevented us from using specific detergents. I thought it would be easy and used car interior cleaning chemicals, after which the entire cladding hung down. The garage was fine, but I had to get rid of some manufacturers chemicals.


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I would like to have my garage cleaned, but I could not find a company that would suit my needs. I had the same problem with the gutters from my house. They were a total mess, and I could not reach to clean them. Also, I had no experience with such things. I searched a lot for a company until I ran into the people at Gutter Cleaning Atlanta. I called them, and they were surprised by how bad my gutters looked. However, they did their job and cleaned everything. I was pleased with what they did, and I will approach them again when it comes to cleaning my gutters.
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