ZEP Chencials


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Hummm, never really thought of it before... I might just switch over to Zep, because Listerine leaves my mouth "mediciney".

But if Home Depot sells it, it must be good enough for the average homeowner's cleaning projects.


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I used their red powdered truck wash soap way back and loved it. It has been years since I have used it but if you plan to brush a truck it was one of the best soaps I used.

That is the only product I used beside some aluminum brightener that worked well, but I couldn't say all their products are that good, because I don't know.


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I started with some stuff from my supplier and wasn't impressed. I got some Purple Power and used it at full strength and it works well. I tried some ZEP after that and went back with the PP. It works, is inexpensive, and is readily available at Lowes or Advanced Auto Parts.