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To safely clean NJ concrete effectively, use a power washer with a pressure rating of at least 3000 psi and a flow rate of at least 6-8 gallons per minute (gpm). Although higher pressures, high heat and the correct detergents may be required to remove tough contaminants such as paint and heavy tire-skid marks, most power-washing contractors agree that 3000 psi will do the trick for almost all NJ concrete sidewalk cleaning jobs.

Once an adequate water pressure is established, flow determines the cleaning speed, especially how fast contaminants are flushed from the NJ concrete area."You can blast at 5,000 psi, but if you have a flow of only 2 gallons per minute, you're going to have a pile of mud sitting there," says James VanHandel from Innovative Pressure Cleaning. Heavily soiled NJ concrete requires higher flow rates to get it cleaned correctly.
Innovative Pressure cleaning, a highly recommended New Jersey cleaning contractor, recommend a power washer with a volume output of 6 or 8 gpm. Be careful not to blast the cream off the top of the concrete causing a burn marks.
Cleaning speed also can be increased by using a rotary nozzle instead of a standard fan nozzle. Rotary nozzles spin an undeflected water jet in a circular path, so the water leaves the nozzle with greater speed. Just be careful with these.
To improve cleaning speed on large flatwork areas, many manufacturers offer wheel-mounted power washers that resemble a lawn mower. Within the metal housing are nozzles mounted on spinning bars. Using a walk-behind washer, James says, workers can clean 4,000 square feet per hour and maintain that productivity throughout the day.
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