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Extreme weather can make life hard - even for an experienced exterior cleaning company. In the Houston area for instance - we battle with wind chills in the teens in the winter, and heat in excess of 100 degrees in the summer. Throw in high winds, high humidity, inconsistent rain patterns and you have yourself a powerful combination of weather "challenges" for any pressure washing contractor.

For instance, cleaning exterior windows when there is a high likelihood for rain is not a very good use of your time and it is probably not going to make your customer very happy. Ever tried to wash a steep roof in high winds - let me tell you, it is not fun! But we can't control the weather right?

On the other hand, cleaning concrete is probably just fine with high winds, a little rain, low temperatures or high heat because none of those factors will likely have any impact on the final results and the operators can take steps to make sure they remain comfortable and safe. In the summers, there is constant and unapologetic heat in Houston - so dress accordingly, drink plenty of fluids, take breaks and look for shaded areas to cool off when needed.

So what do you do if your are a pressure washer in Houston?

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have good communications with your customers. If you have no good way to communicate with your customers, or even just one way, it may be hard to notify them if you need to make an adjustment to your schedule. Second - you need to understand which jobs can still be performed in adverse conditions and try to schedule those on days when they are possible. Finally, be ready and willing to adapt to changing weather while on the job. Have a poncho in your vehicle for unexpected rains, keep a light jacket and even a heaver one for cold fronts, bring an ice chest of water, snacks and cold towels for those hot days and take the time to be safe - you'll be glad you did!

Daniel Simmons
Pressure Washing America, LLC
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