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3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pressure Cleaning Company

Many homeowners have similar internal dialogues surrounding the general upkeep and maintenance of their homes. These generally involve questioning the need to replace or renew. To an untrained eye, dirty concrete, greyed out decks and mildew and mold buildup seem daunting and often times more than a professional cleaning can handle. The truth of the matter is that professional pressure cleaning company might be the solution to returning your deck, concrete patio, home siding, cement driveway back to its original "new" state.

1.Peace of Mind
Knowing that you hired a licensed and insured pressure cleaning company with the proper equipment to perform the work for you will keep you off a ladder and provide superior results.

2.Environmentally Friendly
In lieu of the traditional harsh chemicals associated with power washing, All American Pressure Cleaning uses non-caustic, environmentally friendly detergents to get the job done effectively and safely. All of our detergents are safe for pets, plants and people. In addition to the use of eco-friendly cleaners, we have also taken steps to reduce the amount of water used in our cleaning process, thereby conserving this precious resource often taken for granted

3.Brings Back that "New Home" Feel!
If used correctly, pressure cleaning is very safe and effective way to bring back the new home feeling your property once had........ they key word however, is "correctly". Unqualified "contractors" can cause more damage than good while blasting away with high pressure, not using the proper detergents , merely cleaning the surface and not killing the mildew. Improper methods will have your home looking dirty in a few weeks while the correct methods will give you a long lasting clean!

We have the best pressure cleaning equipment available and the experience to put it to excellent use! Our proven method of low-pressure, high-heat and our eco-friendly detergents guarantees that your property will be as clean as possible when we leave. If not used properly, high-powered power washing equipment can cause serious damage. That's why all our technicians are professionally, thoroughly trained and supervised. We maintain full insurance coverage and have been serving Savannah, Georgia homeowners for over 13 years.

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