Pan with oil in it being left on a stove

Young Sing fire marks third commercial kitchen blaze of the year
May 31, 2011 — A grease fire at Young Sing Chinese restaurant marks the third time this year that a Main Street restaurant kitchen has caught fire.

It was roughly 7:30 a.m. when Primo Deli owner Tammi Montgomery, walked out of Susanville Supermarket and saw smoke rising from the Young Sing Chinese restaurant.

Montgomery immediately ran back into the supermarket and told store manager Todd Eid, who had one of his employees immediately call 911. Eid then went across the street to the restaurant and was able to shut off the power and propane to the restaurant. Friedline said community member Charlie Schuck, who had arrived just a little before Eid, then ran across the street to get the fire department’s attention in person.

“They were lucky that the smoke was noticed in time,” Friedline said. “No one was injured, and the restaurant received no damage, either from smoke or fire.”

The fire was caused by a pan with oil in it being left on a stove that was left on overnight, similar to the cause of the kitchen fire that destroyed part of the Black Bear Diner April 27 and part of the Teriyaki House Jan. 5. Friedline said after the fire at Young Sing, he went around to almost every business in Susanville with a commercial kitchen, gave them his business card and warned them about negligence with stoves.

“I don’t want this to become a trend,” Friedline said. “So here’s a message from the fire chief. Be sure that your cooking equipment and appliances are turned off everyday. And make sure you and your employees know how to use your safety equipment. I just want everyone to be careful.”

Lack of expertise with a fire extinguisher is one of the reasons why the Teriyaki House sustained more damage, Friedline said. He said the owners of the Teriyaki House are gearing up to do some repairs and try and reopen soon. The Black Bear diner is also in the midst of a remodel by Kirack Construction Inc.

Agencies responding to the Young Sing Fire included the Susanville Fire Department, The Susanville Fire Department and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

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