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Spring is on its way in NJ and with the weather getting warmer your residents will begin to spend more time outdoors enjoying the simple pleasures of recreation. Have you had the chance to look at your NJ tennis courts lately? Are they looking a little dirty and slippery?
Here at Innovative Pressure Cleaning of NJ, we have a safe solution! We specialize in the soft washing of tennis courts.
Tennis courts are different than regular cement or concrete because, in most cases, they are actually a painted surface. Because of this, high pressure washing can destroy the surface and cause expensive damages. In order to prevent these damages, we use proper detergents, recommended by the manufacturers, coupled with carefully calibrated equipment to achieve A-Plus results. Its the Innovative way.

Our process includes:

Inspecting your courts.

Applying the correct foaming detergents to kill molds, mildew and algae on the NJ tennis courts.

Next we allow ample time for the detergents to safely work properly on the NJ tennis courts.
Finally, we use a perfectly calibrated amount of water to safely wash off all the dead mold, mildew and algae to give you an A-Plus, Innovative look again.
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