Started around the stove

ABILENE, Texas -- The Abilene Fire Department was called to Rick and Carolyn's Burger and Fries restaurant on Ambler and Treadaway, after driver's called in reporting flames coming from the roof.

Police rerouted traffic as fire crews tried to put the fire out.

Abilene Fire Captain Eddie Chrane says the fire started in the kitchen around the stove.

Fire crews were having a tough time as flames ended up in between the walls, making it difficult to get to.

As crews doused the roof with water owner Rick Daffron pulled up to see his restaurant on fire.

According to Rick the restaurant closed their door's at 9 o'clock and the last employee left 20 minutes later.

B 10 o'clock the place was filled with smoke and flames.

Rick and his wife Carolyn opened their first store in 1995 and they are now a chain.

Rick says he's just happy no one was hurt and knows several of his employees depend on their pay check.

Rick told KTXS "We'll probably find places to work for the other people in the other this happen. It's sad that it happen, just one of the things that goes on have to deal with it."

Rick says after they talk with the insurance company they can begin work repairing everything and get back open.

They can't say how long that might be at this point.

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