I am curious if anyone would be willing to share a contract that specifies : work was completed and satisfactory everything is up to par and customer by his signature acknowledges that all work quoted was performed and that nothing was broken in the course of the work.

This would be something I would hand out at the completion of the job. It is known as a "Job Completion certificate" and is commonly used in the construction industry. It has been known to hold weight in court in arguments where the client changes his mind after the fact of the job. If I dont find one here I will more then likely have one drawn up.

Also wondering if any of PWI forum posters use them.

Below is a link on what is necessary on a form of such and how the form can help you with a problem client. I would also suggest this form as added protection because many people would be hestitant to voice discord over a job they signed off on, after the fact.


If their are any other contracts you guys feel necessary or any you recommend Id love to hear about it. Also any users who care to share their contracts could post them here in PDF.