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    Graffiti Before and After Picture

    Pictures You can use these if you like theres a little shadowing after.[/ATTACH]
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    Graffiti Removal

    A couple of questions OK i removed some graffiti about 2 weeks ago i used taginator it was on white unpainted brick. i was pretty pleased and the PM was happy with it there was a little shadow left so i thought i would go back and maybe do a second application of taginator. As i get there i...
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    weirdest thing you have found growing on a roof?

    What is the weirdest thing you all have found growing on a roof. I found this little thing growing on a roof try to guess what it is.
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    Ok i have a couple of question on plants and bleach getting on them i havent seen it much so what exactly do we look for and how long or the effects? Will the plant die off or can you prune the affected area and have it grow back. I thought i would ask the question to see how the long term...
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    Graffiti on vinyl?

    A friend of mine had some one put graffiti on there siding was wondering what i could use and still keep the vinyl safe?
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    On a house some times there are these little dots that dont come off like there part of the aluminum siding i have always called them pitting but i maybe wrong would any one else know? and if so what could get them off?
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    What happens if you dont neutralize a deck or fence after you clean it with a caustic cleaner/stripper?
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    Roof stain prevention.

    Is anyone using zinc strips? What is every one using for prevention after they clean the roof. How do you advertise it and how long does it last.Also how much to charge?
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    How Low?

    OK what is the best thing to do? Do you have set prices and stick to them and maybe budge just a little bit? or if you start naming your prices to a potential client and they sound like they dont like the prices how low do you go? Is it better not to get the job and stick to your guns? I know...
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    Pressure washer problem

    OK i will try to explain my problem. A spring looking thing broke off of my pressure washer it was located right under the tube part to where the pressure washer hose goes on to the pressure washer at. Any one know what that is called or if it can be fixed?
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    Ford ranger???

    OK my work van is shot. I had it towed away i was done putting money into it. So i was thinking of putting a flatbed onto my ranger i am thinking it might be dumb to do and it might not be strong enough. Ill probably be holding a couple tanks and soft wash pumps and mount a pressure washer on it...
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    Aqua tiger

    I have thought about ordering the aqua tiger for rinsing has any one used it before or know if it works well or not?
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    Applying oxalic on decks or fences

    What is the procedure for applying the oxalic on to the surfaces do you clean/strip and then let dry and then apply oxalic or citric acid and then rinse off? Or can you apply right when done cleaning and the surface is still wet?