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    Face to Face Sales-Maximize your time and effort

    What have you found to be the most effective way to maximize your time and effort when it comes to face to face sales? In our experience we have found the way to maximize our time and effort when going to do face to face sales is this: (Mostly Restaurants) Before you go: Make sure your...
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    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    Now Carlos is 7 and Nicole is 4! The baby is due around April
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    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    Getting Bigger, One more on the way. That will make 3 :)
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    Caustic splatter Aluminum door how to Remove

    Hey guys last night one of our new guys put a little too much caustic down and it got splattered or sprayed on the doors of a customers of ours. But thankfully the new guy who is actually my father who has alot of experience in auto mechanics had an idea. He went to the store bought some Brasso...
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    Roof Cleaning need help

    Hey guys, We have a request to bid and clean a roof for a residence. How much sqft should it take to clean in one hour?<Give or take> Thank you to those who can help.
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    Smoke/ soot removal

    Has anyone used TSP Tri-sodium phosphate and water to remove smoke/ soot from roof tiles? Has is worked? will in damage anything in anyway? If not what do you use? I read in another post that butyl will remove soot.
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    F9 Rust removal Las Vegas & Henderson NV

    These are pictures of a house wash done by Vegas Pressure Wash. Had some rust that needed to be removed.
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    Happy Birthday Chris Shelton!

    Chris said Thank you Guys! We had a cook off for his birthday. We cooked Pheasant, He cooked it his way I cooked it mine and everyone voted whos was the best.... Guess who won!.....................................Chris did!
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    USM, Inc outcome!

    I could not for the life of me find the post that we started when we were talking about USM they used to do all the power washing for I believe it was Walmart's. Some who posted wanted to know if they would pay because they had a bad past of not paying, Any ways this was our first time using...
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    Net ? Restaurants

    Hey everyone, I'm curious we have a restaurant company that told me that most restaurant companies pay net 90. Is this true? Because we have other restaurants that pay Net 30. Thank you for any responses,
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    Payment problems

    I'm not sure where to post this and I apologize if I posted it in the wrong place* SpringwiseFm is a company that is mostly in Indiana and surrounding states. They dont have much work here in Las Vegas. But they got an account out here with a Grocery store and wanted us to do work for them. We...
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    Happy Birthday Chris Shelton!

    Happy 25th Birthday Love, :dance:I hope you have a great day today! I will try to make as easy on you as possible :tongue: I am so happy to have you in my life, tommrow will be our 3 year anniversary! 3 years ago I prayed that God would send me the man he choose for me and he sent me you. Now I...
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    Uploading pictures to craigslist

    Hey everyone, :wave2: I couldn't find if anyone posted about how to upload pictures to Craislist in the services section, it does not give you the option to do so. I finally figured it out! for those of you who dont know :) This is for you. Upload you pictures to a site that puts them into...