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    Cold 'nuff for you?

    Minus 8 degrees at the moment. It's been a while since I envied the whopper-flopper in a nice warm kitchen. Richard
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    What's in your wallet?

    I am in process of prepping my tax records for 2005. I was shocked to see a marked decline in income for the year - first time that has happened. Must be those long vacations. Was it a good year for you? Richard
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    you wanna new client?

    We have several locations which are seriously underbid. We have serviced these for a long time, but would sure like to give them away. Premiums should be double, but it is impossible to justify that to the client. We thought of a generic notice sent to these alone, but owners meet together...
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    Thermal tubing

    Only twice have I seen pressure actuated thermal tubing which replaces the fusible links. The other night we encounted one which had an unattached mounting bracket. At the slightest touch it would sway from side to side in the plenum. Scared me to death. I don't know how impact-sensitive...
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    A Knockout?

    I just saw a debate between Herman Munster and John Wayne. Pretty boring, but both corners claim their guy scored a knockout! I dunno - whacha think? Richard
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    Sojourn to the West.....and the Mother of all BBS'

    Jon / Mtn Goat: Appreciate the forthright ID of BIG JOB (not a typo - they seek the big JOB only), however our approach is different. JOB always seems to diminish - it is so in my area. Ron M: Do you really think those in our business really do not know who their competitors are, and that...
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    Who is at fault?

    You arrive at job location. Everyone leaves and you are alone. You remove the filters and are inspecting plenum from floor level. You havn't begun work nor disturbed system. Suddenly the suppression system begins to hiss and dumps its caustic liquid. You are there and of course are suspect...
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    Insulated access panels

    I have always have trouble with insulated access panels - like those found over the hood in a split duct. Often we find the 3 to 4 inches of insulation neatly attached with bolt support. I am seldom able to put it back as we found it. Sometimes (like last night) the insulation was so laden...
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    Hood / back wall sealant

    In my area an inspection will cite a location if any void or non-continuous hood seal. We sometimes pick up this add-on work. We use a hi-temp silicone, run the bead, and quickly strike it with the joint tool. Done. Easy - however I just returned from a nightmare job. It had an extra-wide...
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    Carry your own water?

    We have a couple of locations at which it would be much easier to bring our own water. We do have a small (40-50 gallon?) water tank. The extra 400 lbs is no problem. Anyone doing this? Small average job with one u/b fan & one 10' duct - what is your experience - 40 gallons enough? Tnx, Richard
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    Positive thinking...

    ...may be wonderful, but negative thinking will keep you alive. We all know what to do - pretty elementary stuff - but it might be interesting and informative to share those unexpected and unanticipated things you have learned to watch out for. I have quite a list and will start with one...
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    never again - again!

    A long time ago I swore off all Oriental jobs. Reasons are difficulty, increased time and materials, hard-to-please, and constant price negotiation. I just fell off the wagon for one job, and was painfully reminded why I decline them. This guy actually wanted to negotiate price AFTER I...
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    Too old?

    Ran into a really 'old' flue cleaner the other night. Exhaust system cleaning is somewhat arduous with outside building ladders; lifting upblast fans; carrying supplies; climbing on appliances; etc. He seemed to do fairly well working alone, however I would be concerned if I were a property...
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    I'm looking for a foamer similar to the Foam Cannon, except I want to use an ordinary garden hose instead of my p/w. Would need at least 2:1 draw rate. Anyone make such a device? Tnx, Richard
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    2 questions for the Great Wiz

    (1) If I merge my two machines together into one wand, each 2.5 gpm at 2000 psi, will the result be 5 gpm at 2000 psi at the business end? (assuming, of course, an adequate water supply). (2) What is the proper way to take a pressure reading with the gauge after the gun - static or with...