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  • Sorry Ron, I was on the phone with Scott till 2am...Taking a break and going to Bush gardens with the wife and some close friends today. I will try to get with you tonight sometime. :)
    Hi Ron,

    I am looking for an email address for you. I notice your post pops up when I look at the National Cleaning Expo in Sept. I am interesting in finding out more about this conference including if you have any booth space for exhibitors.

    I am a Rep for LookNEW, a company that provides a high quality concrete staining service that will bring pressure washers 40-60 cents a square foot as an added service to pressure washing concrete.

    Can you contact me at



    Jeff Joslin
    Independent Representative
    (404) 939-4396

    I read some of your info regarding price lists and would appreciate seeing how you go about it. I looked at your dumpster list and it looks good to me.

    I am in St Louis MO, so the only differnce here is the 2-3 months of very limited work, say 1 of 3 days over 45 degrees, and low or no wind.

    Been in business just since last fall, did 70 or so homes, getting into commercial work, flat and some buildings as well.

    Right now we are charging $150 1 story min to $220 2 story plus $20-$30 for walkouts.

    Bill Raines
    B & B Power Washing
    Ron I am not sure how to mount a pdf into a thread? Please advise.
    Can't find your email address in my files either.
    Hi Ron,
    Michelle here with Rocky Mountain Super Vac. Who was it that you said would be on top of their game about fleets and for marketing pressure washing services?

    Thanks, Have a beautiful day,
    If you mean Chuck or Rodney I have answered both of them directly by e-mail. I have also spoken with Chris Tharpe on the phone.
    sorry to hear that I hope everthing is okay we wish her the best. we always have room and time for you just spend time with family that is whats important
    Thats what Im looking at it for Im bidding 4 million sqft of garage right now. I sure would like a video of it in action.
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