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  • Hi Russ,

    Can you get a tire & rim for the 24" steel eagle surface cleaner, if so what would be the cost,

    Also that big redneck from fairhope wants to know the cost of the rim and tires for the big guys

    Russ - Got that roof hose hooked up yesterday. Cleaned today. It is amazing stuff. And that Talon is awesome. Definately going to order more from you soon! Thanks for the hookup!
    Hi Russ,
    I am looking into getting some PB and would like to know what the dilution ratio is on it. I have 3 hot oil trucks that they want cleaned monthly. I have been looking around for a good soap/cleaner and have found good things about PB. Any info you can give me would be great. How do you ship the kit?
    Thank you,
    Jason Hill
    Eagle Pride Pressre Washing
    I am have some problems with a hot weater pw of mine and wondered if you could give me some advice. Is does very hot. The burner is working. Could it be the blower motor going bad? The fire stays on when it is running. We removed the coil and cleaned it. When it was put back together the insulation was torn up and we doid not put it or the inside cover back in. Could that be a problem?
    Thanks for your advice.
    Thank yo Russ for contributing to the Tampa, Fl 2010 round table. Sry you couldn't make it. Hope to meet you sometime.~Jill
    i have a ? would you know if a bad relief valve on a compressor is an easy fix? Thank you very much for any help you can give.
    Russ - Just talked to Ron Musgrave about the valve setup he uses for Down Streaming. He says you may know where I can get one.

    Al Gigliotti
    ANR Cleaning Services LLC
    Jacksonville, Fl 904-710-1249
    Rookie question. Roof job in the morning. I don't have a pump so I have to use a pump sprayer to put down my chemicals. Approximately how much square footage could you cover with a one gallon sprayer. Thanks.<!-- / message -->
    so how do I go about getting a sample of panel bright and a shipping quote for a drum of aluma-brite?
    can you send me a sample of panel bright. And give me a shippling quote on a drum of aluma-brite. 1710 antalope white city Oregon 97503. Comercial address. Call 541-778-4254 to arange for payment.
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