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    Landa PGHW 5-3000 schematic

    I need a wiring schematic for a Landa PGHW 5-3000. Please email it to me if you have it. Thanks! Chris SMK Services 318-780-4647
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    Equipment Needed ASAP

    I need a skid mounted unit with as many GPM's as possible. Need a surface cleaner also. Who has something for sale?
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    Just so you all know...

    Green Wash is supposed to be GREEN. Look at mine compared to Doug Rucker's.
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    Russ Spence please call Chris @ 281-885-9396.

    I think his voicemail is broken.
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    Has anyone seen this before?

    I already have several improvements in mind for it. What are your thoughts?
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    Another Lutheran Church Cleaned by SMK Services Mid December 2011

    Notice the DEMONSTRATION area? I did it right in the front of the building...what choice did he have, but to say that there was a night and day difference and then make a deal on a handshake? Demonstrations are key.
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    SMK Services cleans Metropolitan Baptist Church

    SMK Services cleans The Met in Houston, Texas.
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    SMK Services finishes a landmark Episcopal Cathedral the last week of November 2011.

    This is what we do. Soft Washing at its best!
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    Contest $697.95 FREE- all you gotta do is Posts here

    Count us in too please. I can always use free equipment!
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    Hey Doug, In case I never showed you photos of my kids, here are a few photos of some of them. 2 singletons, twins and sextuplets, so please stop taking all the business in Houston for yourself. Share the wealth a little bit brother!
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    I just installed these flames that I had printed at a local sign company. Not only does it catch people's attention, but it makes me feel like a kid again.
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    KIds photos Post them if your proud!!!

    My first wife and I had sextuplets back in 1998 and I had twins with my second wife. I also have two singletons. Two of the sextuplets died (one the day he was born and one when she was four) One of the twins died and now my baby is going to be four next month. If I had Ron's money I would...
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    It pays to have lunch with Ron Musgraves!!!

    Just so you all are aware...IT PAYS TO HANG OUT WITH RON!!! On 8 March 2011 Ron showed up in Houston for the City of Houston seminar concerning EPA compliance and after the meeting several of us ate lunch at Dave and Buster's. True to form, Ron called the manager over and started asking...