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    Oil Stain Expectations?

    I got a call to do a drive-thru and walkway cleaning for a fast food restaurant. I don't usually do commercial, so I want to know what I can expect using my cold water machine and EBC? Anythng I should look out for? Here are some pics to give you an idea.
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    2500 PSI on concrete?

    I am looking upgrading to a 5.6 GPM 2500 psi machine. My only concern is the PSI. Is 2500 enough to effectively clean concrete?
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    Mi TM pressure washers

    Here are pics of both of the machines I'm looking at. I'm trying to decide which one to get. I need something dependable and reliable. What do you all think?
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    Mi TM pressure washers

    I have a chance to pick up an Mi TM 3004 hot water machine for $500. Is this a good deal? How are these machines? the unit was like $2500 new.
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    Keep getting logged out

    Ever since joining I have had the issue of being logged out whenever I'm not actively posting something or moving to another page at least every minute. I often get logged out in the middle of writing PMs or when just browsing. After searching, I found this old thread where a user had the same...
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    Cheap water reclaim

    Would this ShopVac with a tank attached to it work for simple, cheap water reclaim?
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    What's your spring marketing plan look like?

    I'm gearing up for my first spring in the business, and I am wondering what everyone's spring marketing plans look like? Not sure what to expect or how busy I'll get through the website alone.
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    Door Hanger Design

    I am working on the design of my door hangers and would like some examples of some good ones for ideas. I really like Carlos at New Look's flyer, for one. If anyone can share their flyer designs with me I'd really, really appreciate it. Also, I am wondering about the wording for the headline...
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    Forming business alliances

    Lately I have been considering the benefits I could conceivably get by allying my business with other, related businesses that could bring me consistent referrals (and the other way around, too). Some businesses I've considered include contractors/construction companies, roofers, deck building...
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    Removing oil stains without hot water?

    Is there a way to remove oil without hot water? Of heard of using a stiff brush plus detergent and then spray. Much appreciated if anyone can help me out.
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    How to sub out protitably

    I just got a call from a large 5 story hotel that needs their exterior cleaned. I am really not ready for this and don't even think my equipment could get it done properly in a time-efficient manner. My question is, how do I go about subbing this out profitably? Thanks!
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    First roof cleaning - some questions

    I just received an email from a customer who wants, among other things, a quote on a roof cleaning. I have never done a roof cleaning before, and want to make sure I do it right, without any damage. I plan on using my soft pressure system (low soap/rinse) with Gain. Is there any tricks or...
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    Still getting calls from your website?

    My website just reached #1 across a variety of keywords for my area about ten days ago, but I still have not gotten a single call from my site. Considering that we're now in winter, is this normal? Are you all still getting calls in similar sized markets (cities with 250-300,000 people)?
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    Handing out flyers outside of Lowe's, Home Depot

    I am thinking about trying this one in the spring, using college girls in company t-shirts to pass out promotional flyers at Lowe's, Home Depot, and other major hardware stores (or maybe Wal-Mart). Any one tried this one before? How can I get the hardware stores to allow me to do this?
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    Pine sap on vinyl

    I had a job the other day that I was completely unprepared for. Drove to the customer's small vinyl house, having to clean 3 sides of the house and thinking it would only take an hour or two at most. Unfortunately, this house was covered not only with the usual dirt and grime, but some sort of...