3rd Annual NOVA Event.


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3rd Annual NOVA Networking Event.

DEC 8th.

Baltimore, MD area.

Hey guys in the past a few guys have been holding a small meet n greet in Northern VA. It seemed as if it was not going to happen this year so a few others and myself are trying to pull this off before the year runs out.

I understand that last year there were roughly 20-30 guys there, and I am hoping that we can reach those numbers even if we are running on a short notice.

I was not o
<o:p></o:p>the one spear heading this project but am trying to help pull this together so we can all have fun.

I am currently trying to locate a conference room to have this and am hoping to be able to nail a place down soon.

Everyone is welcome!!!

This is going to be a FREE event, but if you have fun and learn something we would appreciate a donation to help cover the expense.

We will be having some free give aways and will be listing some of those soon along with a some of the details of the day.

I am looking for ideas from you as to what you think would make this a great event!!

If you are interested in coming please post or let me know that you will be coming so I can get a rough count of how many will be coming.

More info coming soon....

Man, I've been wanting to go to one of these events and this is right in my back yard, but unfortunately (or fortunately) I will be washing another warehouse on Dec. 8. One of these days I will make it so I can meet all of you great guys and LEARN!

Aw that is to bad (good) I guess.

Glad you got the work but yea it would be nice to meet you sometime.
Jonny Martin from CPW Equipment has consented to give a pump repair presentation and then opening it up for genral power washer equipment questions.


Jonny started in the mobile power washing business in 97 and then sold that out and opened his shop in 03 selling pressure washing equipment.

Since 2003 he has been expanding his company each year, and this past year opened his second branch shop. He has about 9 employees working with a service truck to take care of your needs in the field!!

If you guys need some parts, hoses, guns, nozzels, surface cleaners, soap, or anything Jonny has offered to deliver anything to the event for FREE!!!!

His number is 800-590-0680 give him a call.