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I am interested in adding some exterior mounted lights to my skid unit. I only have a 12 V machine. Is this possible without a generator?

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I don't know the answer to this but I have a 18hp Cold water PW that I think also has a 20 amp charging system. I had a flojet pump hooked to it to help draw water out of the water tank when machine was in operation. The battery after a while (aprox 16hrs of use) would no longer have enough juice to start the Pw. So I disconnected the Flojet.


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I forgot I have a Flojet hooked up to my battery also. One I rarely use. I wander if I could just connect the lights where the Flojet connection was? My guess is that the lights would have more of a draw. I was never really any good with electrical stuff.

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You need a generator to run lights or small motors. The folks that make the 110 burner units don't suggest that you use the generator for anything but the burner.

We run (in the back of our White truck), using a 5800 Series Hotsy with a 2000 watt generator, 3-2 blub floricent lights that draw about 240 watts total. Not had a problem yet!

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The lights I would need would have a higher wattage than your flouresant lights. I guess I will have either buy a genorator or upgrade my unit. Thanks for the posts everyone!


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The Hot water 12 volt systems use every bit of the amperage available to power the burner. I do not recommend adding lights to it. The cold water machine can run a couple of fog lights if the charging system is truely 20 amps. Better check first though. Get an engine shop to look up the serial # Type and Code to make sure.


Have you thought about adding a battery isolator to your truck's chaging system and adding a second battery to power your lights. The isolator will charge both batteries while the truck is running but will isolate the second battery while the truck isn't running so the lights won't run the truck battery down. A fully charged battery should power a couple of lights for a several hours and the second battery will charge while driving to and from the job or from job to job.


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I already have two batteries in my Ford F250 deisel. I believe the reason for this is because of the glow plugs that are part of the starting system in the truck. Not sure if I could spare the power without risking having problems starting the truck.


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I just added work lights as well, I used tractor type lights that can withstand the outdoors and everything that goes with it,then I purchased a generator the has regular outlets and 12 volt connections than I wired this to a box with a bank of switches that go to specific lights, since the 12 volt will not power more than two at a time, than I still have the regular outlets, if I need to run regular electric.