Are there limits on how much SH we can haul?

I keep seeing 119 Gallons as the allowable amount to be on board. According to my MSDS sheet that number should be 98 gallons. Wouldn't want somebody getting a ticket for being over by 20 or so gallons.
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I just went through this last week and I got 2 different answers from NH DOT and Massachusetts DOT. So I actually drove my van to the 2 different weight stations, empty of course. NH Dot says water is not a factor but they count anything that has a MSDS sheet,(SH,Soap,Surfactant, and Gas) all counts towards 1,000lbs or under 119 gallons. Massachusetts also does not count water but will enforce the 1000lbs will not enforce the 119gallons. Both weight stations had state troops that were there and they were great' both did a complimentary inspection of my van and found nothing wrong. I did get suggestion to add the hazmat, but was also told buy one of the troopers that I'm not required to even stop at any weigh stations becausemy GVWS are below the 10,000lbs DOT. They both said to stop anyways and 99% of the they will wave me through. View attachment 27194

WOW great looking rig!

I have to bring my SH across bridges and through 3 tunnels. I have to stay under 120 gallons on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and according to VA DOT I'm fine with that amount. Never been stopped or questioned so I assume 120 is fine in all VA at least.
I found this old thread and rather than start a new one, thought I’d add to this one. I’m in Alabama and want to get into roofs, the only thing holding me back is getting enough SH for a roof mix. If I can only get one 55 gallon drum of 12.5% at a place 30 minutes away, I’d be driving over there several times a week, which is out of my way but if making money, would not be a deal breaker. So, for the experienced ones, how many roofs will I get out of one 55 gallon drum and a 40-50 gallon tank mixed as a 40/60 or 50/50 roof mix? That’s 20-25 gallons a roof, meaning two roofs per run. Is this about right?