Best clear wood finish


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I have a client (an association we regularly clean gutters for) who just had all 100 or so of their decks replaced. They are wanting to take better care of them this time but are insisting on a clear wood finish over a stain. I'm a big fan of Ready Seal but color is a tough sell for these folks. What is the best clear wood finish that can be applied in one coat and won't build film over the years of repeat application? They are expecting to have this done every 2 years or even more frequently so durability isn't a huge issue, I just don't want to have to strip before future applications.


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Ready Seal does make a clear. It is just not promoted duw to the fact there is no UV protection. Ready Seal clear still is you best choice as it will still apply the easiest and mainenace will aslo be vry easy. Call me if you like for any more assistance.


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Hard to beat Sikkens in any product. Its expensive but some of the best we've ever used.
why do you like sikkens? I did a house last year in sikkens 13+ gallons. I wasnt to impressed. the can a 174 paragraph instruction sheet , ok not quite 174, but it wasnt as easy to apply as R/S or A/C


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I was under the impression Ready Seal dictates the prices for all it's distributors now especially considering you can get it from big box stores? It's definitely cheaper than before, and it can be shipped to your door from most suppliers for very little cost. I know this because my supplier was not happy with Ready Seals direction.

My supplier sells it for 125 for a 5 gallon in store pickup, 135 shipped (18+ pails) or 145 shipped for 1-18.