Certified House washers PWNA.org

I like it tony, how's it going?
I only have 19 years in this business. I just did the Pwna house wash certification at the Texas rt. And I did learn a few things that I'm going to now apply to our house wash process. It will also give my customers even more piece of mind we are the best contractor for the job. It also helps support the reason why we are the higher price quote over the low ballers.All for like $175. Are you kidding me. Do the math divide $175 by the number of houses you wash in one season. ITS JUST SMART BUSINESS. This is the difference between a pressure washing business that does a few $100,000 annual in sales Vs. a pressure washing company that does $100,000 in a month in sales.For years my attitude was like Russ's, but not no more I see the light and growth it now produces.Oh, and it also helps support my industry.When you child needs open heart surgery do you want the best educated doctor or do you want just the average doctor to do the surgery. Who would you pick?