CETA Org. What makes it so strong?

You can only get a free loaner from my dealer if you bought a machine from them and it has to go back to the shop to get fixed for whatever reason and it will take them a few days to fix it. IF it is under warranty then great but if not then of course you have to pay out of your own pocket. But if you need a machine right away they will geve you the free loaner while they are fixing your Powerwasher.

Thankfully this has never happen to me and I have purchased 2 PW's from them over the years.

I used to feel that way about anyone that joins the PWNA. If you’re a person like yourself it’s completely your business whether you join or not. If you’re a manufacture I believe you have a responsibility to this industry to do what you can to enhance.

Your right Michael is a model almost for those on this BBS. His answers are professional and appreciated.

I know he will not be offended by my question and will answer and give reasons.
Ron so you know I have talked about re-joining for a long time, even mentioned it to Chris in one of our Emails when I asked if my ears could attend the convention in Vegas.

You know me well enough to know I don't rush into things nor allow others to talk me into things, if I am going to do something it is because "I" want and believe in something and do it.

John of Clean Country, your dealer must be super great, just having loaners puts him in a class above others and if he rents hot water systems out another class up.

I should show your post to my local dealers and say the ones that start offering loaners and rentals gets my business.

I can think of one that might, just might loan or rent me one of his second hand models he has for sale if I was in a bind and mine was going to take a few days to work on.

Welllll, since you asked :)

IMHO, CETA is an organization that is treading on thin ice. I have seen the show drop in both the number of booths and attendees.

Any association should advocate on behalf of it's members, in this case the manufacturers. It is not liable to the ultimate user but their end user, the distributors. When they were a mere carbuncle on the side of the ISSA show there was a wee bit of spill over but never enough to worry about. On their own they have chosen locations NOT based on common sense; by that I mean the convenience of the maximum number of attendees. In our case every flight from here to Reno went via Las Vegas, hmmm.

In a perfect world CETA would be combined with PWNA with both working together. However, what the PWNA and it's members need to understand is that their business is a small percentage of our business. The reasons are many but one is that we are not as widely distributed as I would like. For some manufacturers contract cleaners are a much larger percentage of their overall business and as such they should be more responsive to their needs. We, honestly, are still learning.

I feel that both organizations should join together and have a show. The first day exclusively for the manufacturers and the distributors. They do have legitimate business reasons for a closed show that is NOT to cause you grief but to possibly reduce it.

The remainder (maximum 2 days) for the end users to attend so that all groups can get together and learn from each other. Forums should be put on by either group for the benefit of the whole. Money can be pooled for education, scholarship and mutual benefit. Sites should be chosen for the convenience of the majority. Timing should be for the least upset to the most people (I don't know, like WINTER!).

In our case we are still a small company and the principals of it are not likely to spend the money unless they received a tangible benefit. Our growth in the last several years has been to the point where we are stretched thin and are striving to catch up.

Here in Canada we have mandatory Government mandated safety issues that we have to address when we build a product. CETA or any other Association should NEVER set itself up as an accrediting authority. Their interests must be self-serving by their very nature, this is why around the world third parties are the only accreditation granting agents.

Case in point there is the Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association which has as it's members the suppliers to the mass merchandisers yet strangely not even Landa or Hotsy (long arms and deep pockets); so what can you derive from that?

If in my power I would join the PWNA/CETA as a merged entity. I feel that overall contract cleaners as a group represent a large percentage of all of the pressure washers sold by manufacturers through distributors. Distributors need to learn how to be professional as much as contract cleaners do. There is money to be made in the industry for all parties if the adversarial nature STOPS RIGHT NOW!

As tempting as it may be to comment negatively on a competitors product I never have. I do have opinions about their eqiupment but I try and keep them to myself. I have always attempted to be generic in my response and advice and will continue to do so.

I have started an association in the past because I needed to help the greatest number of people. Any association that does anything other than that needs to be fixed.

At one point Andy Gale was the president of CETA and each month CETA requests our sales numbers. We, of course, would not give those numbers to them because Mr. Gale being the President of Landa (now C-Tech) is our competitor and we felt that the information would not be used in a manner it was intended. Any Association MUST be above reproach and be responsive only to the group. Rules must be universal and plainly understood. There does not need to be a vague statement that can be interpreted but a clear direction to give the memebers confidence that their money is well spent.

You asked and I have answered. No we are not memebers of CETA, PWMA or PWNA. At some point we may be able to assist with a donation/membership but are unable to at this time. This does not mean that I do not support them, as I will continue to do what I have done on these boards for several years now...the best I can.

Hope this helps? Cheers.
As I recall, now you must bear with me because I did play football for the first two seasons without a helmet, the show held in conjunction with the ISSA in Chicago in 1996 had 151 booths. As I saw from this year's total there were 55 booths at the show in Reno.

Remember that in the interim Elite, Diamond, Rhino, Zealco have gone out of business and under the C-Tech banner there is now Landa, Hotsy, Tuff, Rhino (sort of), Specialty, ASAP, Spraymart, Cuda, Admiral USA, Victor-Midland, Hawk Pumps and possibly Bertolini Pumps. So as a group I am positive they negotiate their own rate with CETA.

Also remember that you can be any size on the internet. What counts is the number of bodies you can throw at a problem. Do not get me wrong I like Carol Waslewski but I do not see tangible benefits for our company in their current mode.

I truly feel that both CETA and PWNA together will be stronger than the sum of their parts. Merely MY PERSONAL OPINION and not that of my employer or anyone else for that matter.

Thanks for responding Micheal.

After reading your posts it does make sense that Ceta/PWNA should merge or at least maybe have there Conventions together along the lines that you stated.

Just being a paying member and not really involved at all with the going ons with the PWNA I would like to see someone along the lines of Mike Hindeliter or Chris Detter respond here. They have alot more insight then most due to one being the Past President and the other the Current President of the PWNA.
Ceta now is accepting of contractors and have a membership
Hate to say it Ron, but the distributors that run CETA conscider PWNA to be a threat to their customer base. They believe that a member of PWNA will see more exposure to other distributors. Basically, they want to protect their customer base and this is why most distributors will not tell contractors about the PWNA association. I want to be fair, this does not include all distributors but it definetly reflects the opinions of those that control CETA.
Ceta Organization has 5000+members according to my source(Hi Ron) What makes them so strong? First off how long have they been around? And what is there growth rate per year?

The PWNA has been around for ten yrs and there membership is 300+. I believe this Organization can increase immensely if they can come up with a rock solid business plan. I know there in the process of making some new idea's become realities but I would like to know is how did CETA become so strong in there representation of distributers etc.

They must have a great business plan that caused this to happen. What are some others Idea's why one organization is so large and another one has such a slow growth rate?

What is the answer?????

Ceta Had some Huge Conventions for the pressure Cleaning and Power Clean Industry