Cleaning pavers


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I've done a couple paver restorations. Water/sand recovery with a system such as Jerry's Sirocco Reclaim System makes it really easy. I use the PEV2 with the 21inch surface cleaner. I added the sand trap to my system. I clean, resand, and seal if the customer wants it... It's that easy, not too messy when you vacuum it all up as your cleaning!
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I like to "sell" it as a restoration because it truely is a "full" service when you package the re-jointing with fine sand or poly sand, as well as a seal if the customer likes that look or the situation is fitting for a sealing....I don't always seal, sealing a permeable surface such as a paver set is counter intuitive from the background of construction. You install pavers to let water flow through the surface, example: permeable surface. I know a lot of customers like the "wet look" so I offer gloss sealing. Also, as in the case of that first pic I posted, I offered that customer a high quality Siloxane sealer in an attempt to repel stains caused by grease and beer (that is an outdoor eatery for a local brew pub).
I got it done. Took me 2 days as the first day was a bad one. P/W would not start. I got water in the gas, still do not know how that happened. I did get .5 of it done the first day and finished in about 4 hours the second day, Customer was very happy with the end result. My S/C worked well for me on this job as there was no sand lose with it. I did learn that I need more gpm's as I had to due 20-30 feet then rinse and start cleaning again. I used no chem's on this job due to customer's request.( Koi Fish). I also learned that I need a recovery system as using a wet dry vacc to remove the "black gold was not fun but effective. I did rent a hot water p/w last week to see if the hot water would help me to go faster but the unit they sent was smaller than mine and leaked like heck. I did not half to pay for it but I am not sure on the next item to or tool to get. My main income are pools, but when a customer asks about the pool deck, cage, drive way cleaning I jump all over it. Looks like I will get my first gallon of F9 this week to test on my house as I have another customer with a stain. Thanks to all for the help.SANY0061.JPGSANY0063.JPGSANY0038.JPG


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Hate to hijack a thread, but anyone have experience in pouring new concrete patio to extend/enlarge an existing concrete patio? Customer also wants those brick accent strips in the concrete driveway. I know this is a Paver thread, but I tend to lump brick and pavers into the same box. I figger there's gotta be someone on the board that was a mason in a previous life.

Surface cleaners make more of a mess on the pavers unless they are installed correctly and hopefully small joints. Depends on what type of sand (if any) is present. We do well on paver sand jobs, and include a maintenance agreement on polymeric sand installs.

I'm probably not the only guy who has ruined a pair of shoes from the moss & soil that kicks up when you clean wide-spaced pavers. Its tough to clean them uniformly if they have a defined reveal or sides, so often I try to apply uniform coats of cleaner before applying direct pressure paver cleaning adelaide.
Hello. So had these bricks installed about 8 months ago and just moved into the house. There were a lot of renovations done so a lot of back-and-forth traffic. My mason came by the other day and said they look like they got dull/faded. He told me to clean and seal them. I’m going to get them power washed. Can anyone recommend a good cleaner that will also bring them back to life and also a good sealer? Appreciate it.