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🌱Introducing ClenzO Cleaners The Green Choice for Superior Cleaning🌿

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ClenzO Cleaners, is not just another cleaning product line! Experience the ClenzO Cleaners difference and make the smart choice for your family and business. Discover the power of innovative cleaning, backed by science, and get ready to transform your cleaning routine with ClenzO Cleaners. They are committed to a cleaner, safer, and greener future. Purchasing cleaning solutions like no other.

Founded by the visionary scientist, Ron Jones, with over 30 years of bioscience expertise.
Ron has
an impressive 31 patents to his name.

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What sets ClenzO apart?

🧪 Innovative Formulations:
Ron Jones used his scientific prowess to create unique cleaning formulations that outshine everything on the market. All products are the result of years of research, delivering superior cleaning power.
  • GreenOx Renew 5-Gallon: Discover eco-friendly cleaning that works! A powerful, non-toxic formula for renewing surfaces like fences and hardwood floors. Protect the environment while getting the job done.
🌿 Environmentally Friendly: ClenzO takes responsibility to the environment seriously. Hydrogen Peroxide forms the base of the products, ensuring effective cleaning that's gentle on the planet. With ClenzO Cleaners, you can clean with a clean conscience.
  • PerOx 35: Confidently clean grease, concrete, wood, vinyl fences, asphalt, and cedar shake shingles. Their eco-friendly brand offers powerful, safe, and hypoallergenic solutions for people and pets.

🏡 For Home and Business: A range of cleaning products is designed to cater to both your family's needs and your business's demands. ClenzO Cleaners offer a safer and more effective solution for a variety of cleaning challenges.
  • Kitchen Ox 1 Gallon: The ultimate grease and fat fighter! Safely cleans hard surfaces without harsh chemicals. Get a spotless kitchen, the eco-friendly way

💚 A Commitment to Excellence: ClenzO stands by the quality and safety of their products. ClenzO Cleaners uphold the highest standards of professionalism and innovation in everything done.

ClenzO Cleaners Natures Most Powerful Line Of Cleaners

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Get ready to be captivated by
ClenzO Cleaners as you watch a mesmerizing barn restoration cleaning and sealing. Our revolutionary same-day process for cleaning and sealing wood is sweeping the nation. It's undoubtedly the most straightforward method for wood maintenance. If you're a barn owner, reach out to us to find qualified applicators in your region.


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Get A Free Quart Sample Clenz02

Clenz-02™ is a scientifically formulated cleaner and
restorer for almost any surface. Clenz-02™ was designed
to work with mother nature to clean and restore surfaces
without pressure washing. Clenz-02™ contains no bleach
and leaves no toxic residue. Clenz02™ needs no scrubbing
and is safe to use over water.

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WOOD Rx Clear Wood Repellent
🌳WOOD Rx Clear Wood Repellent
Wood RX Pro Professional-Grade Protection for Wood
1 Gallon Clear wood repellent that is environmentally friendly.
Coverage is approximately 300-400 sq. ft. per gallon.
WOOD Rx Clear Water Repellent is a water-based,
non-yellowing, water repellent designed to penetrate,
seal and protect exterior wood surfaces from water
damage. WOOD Rx Clear Water Repellent employs
silicone technology which produces long-lasting water r
epellency and it also contains an increased level of fungicide
which resists mildew growth in the harshest climates.

GreenOx Renew 1 Gallon🌿 Green Oz Renew
Shopping for environmentally friendly brands?
Look no further than GreenOx Renew in our
one-gallon size! Powerful, Earth-friendly, and incredibly
versatile, GreenOx Renew is the ultimate cleaning solution
for tackling stains on fences, hardwood, crates, and
more. Similar to our five-gallon bucket, just for smaller jobs!


Environmentally friendly cleaning solution
Perfect for hardwood, fences, crates, and more
Works fast on-contact
Restores original condition and look

GreenOx Renew is safe to use over water, and it
stores and revitalizes wooden surfaces — long after
you’ve already wiped away the product! GreenOx
Renew’s powerful formula works on contact with mold
and mildew and requires no pressure washing or any
potentially damaging treatments to start working fast.
Eliminates stains, mold, and mildew from
wood, fences, crates, and more!
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Apellix & GreenFlow USA Join Forces with
Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions!

Jacqueline Fernandez

Apellix is Pleased to Announce its Partnership with GreenFlow USA as an Authorized Applicator

Jacksonville, FL: Apellix recently announced a new collaboration with GreenFlow USA, solidifying their status as an authorized applicator of GreenFlow's eco-friendly cleaner, GreenOx Renew. The Apellix Power Wash system has become the preferred choice for applying solutions. Not only will using GreenOx Renew ensure an initial consistent and clean surface it also has the unique ability to absorb into the pores of the wood and continue cleaning the surface long after rinsing.

The use of an Apellix Power Wash drone as a certified application method for GreenFlow is a safer, faster, and less expensive way to clean at height," stated Robert Dahlstrom, CEO of Apellix. "As a certified applicator of GreenFlow products, the Apellix Power Wash drone brings huge efficiencies to the cleaning process for building and industrial asset owners."

"We are excited to partner with Apellix Power Wash Systems to integrate GreenOx into their innovative power wash drone technology," says Ron Jones, Founder of GreenFlow USA. "Our collaboration will elevate industry standards while prioritizing environmental responsibility. Together with Apellix, we are excited to revolutionize power wash systems, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and eco-friendliness every step of the way."

The Apellix Power Wash drone is a reliable and efficient tool to clean and power wash surfaces at height. The collaboration with GreenFlow USA will allow a safer cleaning system by removing dirt, debris, stains, and odors on surfaces without bleach. GreenOx Renew qualifies as a Direct Release Product through the EPA’s Safer Choice Program. To achieve this designation, GreenOx Renew adheres to rigorous criteria, including minimizing the potential harm to aquatic life and waterways by breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen. Additionally, Apellix Power Wash Drones eliminate the need for lifts, thereby reducing the risk of falls or worker injuries.

Apellix has gained recognition for its cutting-edge drone power wash technology. This innovative solution enables accurate and efficient cleaning of surfaces in difficult or risky settings, eliminating the necessity for human workers to undertake perilous duties. Apellix, a U.S. drone manufacturing company, has been at the forefront of drone technology since 2016. With numerous patents and industry accolades, Apellix stands out as a trailblazer in developing drones that revolutionize our work processes.

Founded in 1997, GreenFlow USA initially focused on mold remediation. However, the company soon recognized a critical gap in the market: existing products failed to meet their rigorous standards for both effectiveness and safety. Determined to fill this void, founder Ron Jones embarked on a mission to engineer a superior solution. Today, GreenFlow USA remains steadfast in its dedication to innovation and quality by producing eco-friendly products that are safe for users and the environment.

For more information on Apellix or GreenFlow USA, please visit their websites at and

About Apellix
Apellix, a U.S. drone manufacturing company founded in 2016, specializes in innovative drone technology for various industries. With a focus on safety and efficiency, Apellix's drone solutions have garnered recognition and praise within the industry.

About GreenFlow USA
GreenFlow USA, established in 1997, is dedicated to engineering eco-friendly cleaning products that meet high standards of effectiveness and safety. Their commitment to innovation and quality has made them a trusted name in the industry.