COMPLETE Deck Restoration And Repair Series of Posts

The concept behind Deck Restoration Plus is to be the "Go To Company" after a wood deck, house, log home or any exterior wood structure has been built. It still amazes me that my company is unique in this as there are very few companies that perform these services under one roof. Most customers need at least 2 different contractors for these projects and on homes usually 3 different contractors (one for repairs, one for the sealing, staining, or painting, and often a window cleaner when we are done). In this thread I am illustrating another option for many customers that is both profitable for the contractor and raises sales while offering a "discount" to the customer because they do not have to replace the whole deck. I will state that most customers with an older deck are usually left with 2 options, one is to replace the deck all together and the second applying a solid stain or paint to old wood. When we first went to see this deck the customer had little hope, as you will see by the end it is a great option to provide complete restoration, repair, and maintenance services for these structures. First the "before" pictures:
Next we take off all the horizontal boards, floor decking, handrails, and step treads. We then strip and brighten the wood. We use stripper and use little dwell time so that we can get it to closely match the new wood as best we can.
Nice job Everett great complete restoration job!
This is awesome Everett! As a newbie! To the Washing industry. And never knowing Restoration was even a option. I mean it makes sense! I went to trade school to be a builder during my last couple years of highschool. So I've always been around the construction end of things. I'll definitely be paying attention to this niche as I grow in this industry! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!
This type of work is very satisfying but for me can be stressfull. After stripping and brightening you never know what it is really going to look like until you come back when its dry. Though 99 % of the time it looks great i still stress until i see it.

To get into this work like Everett is you will need a ton of equipment. sanders x 10, brushes, rollers, sand paper, plastic, the list just gets longer and It is dirty dirty dirty when stripping the peak so bring a change of clothes ( you still get soaked under your rain gear it goes right down your arm ).

BUT, when it comes time for the homeowner to see the end result I NEVER EVER have a problem collecting the check.
I agree with what Steven said. It is very rewarding, but can be stressful at times...especially when you are relying on employees. Besides the satisfaction of bringing wood back to life, this type of niche service also builds a sustainable business of repeat customers when done properly.

As for repairs/restoration, we have done very well adding these services. There appears to be a great need for this type of service in our area. Most contractors don't want to take on smaller jobs like replacing floor boards, etc. We also work with a small contractor that can take care of more complex items for us.

Everett definitely sets the bar high for all of us aspiring "woodies."
I just picked up a job from a repeat customers recommendation. This new customer didn't like the color of his house so we are stripping it down and restaining it a color he likes. Now not only do I have a couple weeks work I also have a yearly repeat customer. It May not be much. But it keeps me happy and lets me do what I want to do.
Ive done a few decks over the years and concur with Steves post regarding equipment & stress

Its also easy to underbid these jobs because a lot of labor goes into them especially when stripping-especially when theres spindle rails & lattice involved

Alot of clients get "sticker shock" when i price decks out- They are hard work
As far as sticker shock goes. Let them price replacement that then also needs staining! I just replaced my own 16X20 with a PT 20X20. Did the work myself and still cost me $4500 and still have to wash and stain!

New Deck 1.jpgNew Deck 1.jpg
Thank you Emerald Exterior Services, you make a very good point and since we do new decks and rebuilds I know the pricing and will often let them know the current cost to replace the deck. My repeat business is incredible and have some really great and loyal customers. Rarely have a problem getting paid by happy customers. I am humbled and respect the fact that people select my company and spend thousands of dollars with me to work on their projects. I feel a responsibility to give them the very best my company can offer.