Florida Networking Meeting & Educational Seminar July 31, Tampa 2009

Alright Thursday night I said we might go out, you are more than welcome to visit the local bars. I for one am beat between my business and NCE I can not handle going to the bars thursday night................

So, POOL PARTY! That right I will have 5 gallons of Margarita's for anyone that wants to join me pool side. Bring your swim suit and beer if you want any I should be poolside by 7pm!

More good stuff to come!!!!

We land at 11:50am so we will definately be there at 7!!
I am arriving at 12:55pm.

I am very excited, hope I learn a lot! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
Hey Every one I just sent out a copy of my notes and marketing material from the round table. If you don't receive them there are 2 possibilities. 1. you did not give your email address. 2. It went to your spam. I had to send it in a zip file.

any one have any questions just email me
Happy selling
Thanks Dave.
I got the email. Thanks Dave...