Free Banners for Contractors

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member
OK, if your wanting a banner of got left out please post and get the info in soon

Pressure Washing Insitute is providing free banners for contractors. There are a few rules......

1 - There is a waiver required to be signed & returned in order for your banner to be included in the rotation. This form is a downloadable attachment on this thread. Anyone currently with a banner (added pre-waiver) has until January to download and return it per the instructions on the form or your banner will be removed until the waiver is on file.

2 - Artwork must be 468 x 110 in jpeg or gif format * NO FLASH OR ANIMATION please and should be emailed to If you are a member of an organization and would like that logo integrated with your banner, please also provide that organization logo.

3 - It can take up to two weeks from the time your submission is received until your banner begins appears. Should two weeks pass and you still do not see your banner - a simple reminder PM or email to the same submission address is all that is necessary.

4 - Please do NOT post your artwork in a thread and expect it to be plucked out and used. You MUST email to the address provided above in #2 or the link in this signature.

5 - Free Banners are for contractors in good standing - if a user with a banner is banned or placed on probation, the banner will be removed from the rotation until such time as the Administrators of this board approve its return.

6 - It is important that you provide your web address AND email address to us. These banners will link to your website. Tracking will be provided in the near future.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please PM them to me.