How long will change take? UMACC

I like being off in the Winter!!! Never had a job that I worked all year long. That has to really SUCK!!! Working all year LONG!!! Not for me at all!!! Real contractor or not, blank that crap!!!


Jeff, its not about you. I'm certain your a pro. Thats wonderful you work part-time and make full-time pay.

Maybe when I get older i will move to the mountains and re-strore log homes.

I feel that the PWNA made mistakes by operating like this early on, they had to many wood guys and not enough other contractors.

The focus was not on the indsutry its self but on wood.

If you want a wood org? Join one. Please dont start a national PW org and call it that if your just going to teach wood.

This is not directed at Uamcc.
That's why I mentioned the outside washing ban, Ron. Something that is a common interest and will affect many to most of us. By the way, Nice photo, Jeff! Tell us a little about that fish if you don't mind.....or was it photoshopped?!?!?!?!?

We have heard a transition team is in place. Who is the transition team?
shouldnt it reflect transition team members?

The site still reflects old BOD, months ago we heard this had changed.

I have been a member since exsistance..... number 4 as my membership.

just asking?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

most important is who are the transition team members for the new national Org.??????????? since i have paid my dues all along i feel I'm inttled to know. How many transition team member are current? or old members and believed in the org from the begining like i did?

Now if its a private org for profit, i undertand that you have the rights to keep it that private.

Also, who are the dist members involved? This is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any manufactures?

Also, has any positions been given?

Its been awhile since the change and i believe the industry should know if your ready or still have not decided.

Keep in mind, I know a business plan was promised to be made public regardless.

Just a current member requesting and update.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I would love to see the website reflect our NEw leaders NOW!!!!!!
I joined the bullentin board, they asked me to be a member vendor. I asked how to proceed. No response
Interesting that you ask these questions Ron no more than having a conversation with me about 3 days ago in which I mentioned briefly to you on the phone some of the business items that we have been working on regarding the UAmCc.

Your specific questions that you ask here on the thread Ron will be answered when the UAmCc is ready to answer them. Being the 4th member to sign up since the UAmCc inception does not afford you a "sneak preview" or special priveldges.

Russ J and all the other distributors - thank you for your input and involvement on the distributors conference call for the UAmCc.

I would like to personally thank the contractors that have offered suggestions and input. Your views assisted with the development of the "initial draft" of the UAmCc business plan. As explained, the final draft will be in the hands of the contractor community.

And Ron as I told you on the phone and will repeat it here. The UAmCc will be making an announcement in the very, very near future.

Now you can close the thread Ron - thanks man!!

Ron ....How's that number 4 position working out for you ?
I joined the bullentin board, they asked me to be a member vendor. I asked how to proceed. No response

You simply Pay at They have a link.

Its easy, thats wierd they didnt respond. I bet you get a phone call today. Trevor is on the NEw BOD 2010