Im Certified in Wash Water Control in the Pressure Washing & Cleaning Industry

Ron Musgraves

Exterior Restoration Specialist
Staff member

We have been practicing the proper Wash methods for 3 decades. Regulation near State colleges such as Arizona State are on higher alert with enforcement as they often study an write EPA laws at the ASU campus thats given to law makers around the country.

We have practices our structure BMP an Safety for years, using methods very simple. No off property Discharge is the most common form of keeping compliant.

This doesn't mean you still do not have to do your part to protect the property from pollution. Proper pre-cleaning methods and using gravity fed media is always a good options regardless of the requirement. Practicing good stewardship is always reducing the property owners liabilities for future testing of soil prior to a sales or change of ownership.

We also use a chemical free process in cleaning is needed, as chemicals an harsh cleaning solvents can cause un-neccessary ware & tare to the surfaces.

Utilizes our equipment we have reduced cleaning times conserving water in the older conventional ways others clean surfaces.

Give us a call to keep your properties cleaner and safer from liability.