Is a tablet beneficial to a business


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I use an iPad mini to show before and after pictures of previous jobs. I'm also developing my own slideshow / commercial to show a potential customer as many of the important points I think they should know about the proper and safe way to clean their home (show the value in my price). Eventually I'll have an entire quoting system where they'll be able to sign an agreement, but that's a little ways off still.

I also use the iPad to take tons of before and after pictures to CMA.

Vince Wood

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I know a lot of guys that use tablets in this business. I just haven't got around to getting one yet. normally I'm a day late and a dollar short of this type of stuff though.


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Yes older Google nexus 7 for before and after pictures. Large gps scheduling, recipe scan, emails its a limited computer. Endless. If you are going to purchase a tablet I recommend the Google for 2 reasons. It's cheaper without lacking quality 2 you can easily repair it yourself. 1st the screen pop's off easy with a credit card. The 2 things that break 1st the charging micro USB port which cost $15. The speaker is also attached to the USB so dbl value. Battery is fast cost $35 or $45 bucks. The heat will kill battery's while in your truck working.. IPad repairs are a nightmare been there and failed on my daughters. Samsung tablets are very cheap not sure about repairs thou.


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Diary and a pen works a treat. PRO's:- batteries don't go flat, no USB problems, doesn't break if you drop it. with the cover closed reasonably water proof. Easy to scroll forward and back. Can't accidentally delete information. No problems with connectivity. User friendly software. Hardware easily replaced, Pen particularly just pinch another one. No printer required. Minimal keyboard skills required. Far less likely to get stolen CONS:- Ya can't take picture with it or play games on it. can't copy and Paste.

Doug Rucker

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Yes everyday....stopped using paper a few years ago. Everything is electronically captured, sent, stored, is easy to find, read, etc......


Everything on the Ipad or computer from the estimate to the paid invoice.

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Yes we have IPad Airs in the techs trucks for GPS, Scheduling, and receiving payment, ets. On the estimate side we use them create estimates, to take pictures of any damaged areas and attache the pictures to the estimate and have the customer sign. It makes things faster and easier to manage everything. I have even faceTimed with a employee to fix one of our systems when I was out of town.


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i got an iPad so that i could send proposals, invoices, contracts, etc when mobile..... I RARELY if ever.. use it.

Dan Manley

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I have an LG G Pag I use while in the field. Its good for checking and writing emails, takes great before & After photos, and videos as well. Mainly use it to update my schedule as I receive calls in the field as it is synced with my computer.


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Yes, everyday love mine. It is speed up the process on many things and makes the job a whole lot easier?