Just curious

Stacie Spence

Mrs. Prokleen
Stacie, Do you have Vanilla by itself without any other scent in it?


No jigglepuff (HAHA) The buttercream and vanilla is the closest..it smells great; I just got back from delivering a case of them locally. I love vanilla and this one smells just like it with a little sweet smell to it.

Jason Mulcahy

New member
great idea, esp for the female property mgrs. i'll keep in touch with my order! oh and how do i keep my wife from burning all of the candles before i can hand them out to customers? yea my wife told me you can use the hot wax to make your hands smooth? does that sound right? LOL

Russ Spence

Commercial Pressure Wash Expert and PWI Admin
Still use the candles for property managers and customers but she mostly does fund raisers and bulk sales only now.