Pressure washing Documents


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There is no CATCH-ALL flyer. It is just a flyer. My response rates are much better when they have all the info right in front of em. That is why I put that together


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For anyone that does not have the available funds at the moment to hire a professional, I have a tri-Fold brochure that was designed in WORD that is pretty easy to change around.

You can tailer them for Concrete and Sidewalk cleaning or anything else you may need.

I can't get these things to post on here, so please feel free to email me for a copy of this as well.

****these are not high end, but they are not bad either*****[/QUOTE]


I know that this post it's a little old, but if you still willing to help a fellow power washer, it would be awesome. If you have those tri-fold brochures and proposal agreement and whatever else that you have come up since then. My name is Augusto ( GUS ) , I am the owner of All Clean Power Washing here in Salt Lake City, UT. I been trying to get started on my business for awhile, things finally seems to be moving along. If you prefer to reply direct on my email:

Thanks in advance,