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Life is "about" change.
Things that stay the same, become mediocre,
and are left behind.
..another lesson in "MegaTrends"

.. now I have to get back to my own "Mission".
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Still a struggle
Hi Everyone
These following thoughts are for those who may have some reservations and misconceptions about the PWNA and it's Board of directors. But before I talk about the west coast let me say mention one thing.
The PWNA was originally developed to bring those of us who are basically pressure washers together and to allow a means of group support sharing of ideas and networking of techiques, chemical usage etc. Things that those of us in the actual trenches really want to know. I personally joined in 1994 when I was just starting out, I was washing anything and everything I could just to make a buck. I soon realized that I couldn't be everything to everybody, let alone be very good at more that 1 or 2 things. I went to a small technical PWNA seminar in Atlanta when the organization was just starting out. In those days I didn't even know which end of a pressure washer the water came out of, let alone the correct way to wash anything. I would call other pressure washers to ask them silly questions and all I got was "Man figure it out for yourself," At this meeting I met 8 to10 real pressure washers who had been in the business for years who in my opinion were professionals. The coolest thing about these guys was that they didn't mind sharing ideas, processes etc. I felt a real feeling of belong to something worth while. I saw a little demo about wood restoration found out that nobody was even doing it back then, thats when I decided to put all my energies into wood sealers and chemicals, and since then have built a fairly successful wood business. This philosopy of sharing secrets I think is what helped me grow. I continued going to the conventions year after year and learned something every time, but more importantly I developed some great friendships that have lasted for years.
The PWNA 's board of directors (who are made up of guy's and girl's just like us, pressure washers) meet once a month by telephone conference call. Our biggest concern is always membership and why do people join stay for 2 years then not renew there membership. We talk at great lengths every meeting about this issue and all we seem to figure out is maybe new start up companies need somewhere to go to ask questions and learn, then after they are established and making money they don't need help anymore. Although some to stay even after that time because they want to share with the newbe's too. I call it "giving something back). We also wonder are we as an organization doing everything we can to keep membership up. We have tried many things and will continue to try. Please If you have any suggestions please call me personally, or post your thought on Ron's board, I read it every day. my job at present with the PWNA is to keep membership up. Believe me the board of directors do listen, some one made a comment about The PWNA only wants to make money off there members, believe me we don't. We use about every penny to put keep the organization afloat. The two conventions a year use up just about all the money we have. The board of directors receive no money at all, we even have to pay personally for the monthly 2 hour conference calls. The subject of doing conventions on the west coast comes up all the time, We have been to Vegas I think twice. Each time we never even brought in enough people to pay for our room and meal gaurantees, the organization had to foot the bill. We wonder if maybe there wasn't that many pressure washers out there so we try to stay back midwest to east simply because of the larger concentration of members, washers and exhibitors(suppliers) are back here.
I for one love the west coast I was born and raised in Redlands California, I'd love to go home. I am always tring to get us to do conventions out there, but history sez there isn't enough concentration of interest. Now if this is wrong (and I hope it is) please contact me and I'll count the numbers and use that for ammo. We have looked at the idea of two divisions, probably a nightmare to organize and run , but maybe not impossibe, who knows.
Anyway Sorry for the long winded thoughts, but let me say one more thing regarding the cancellation of the Pittsburgh, Pa show. The reason should be obvious, because of the attack on our nation on sept. 11, we had a large amount of members call and cancel there flights, room reservations etc. leaving us no choice financially.
We are all very sorry fo that. Anyway I've gone on long enough, thank you for your patience.
"God Bless America" Chris Detter/Sun Brite/VP PWNA