Think I just lost my Cummins 5.9 in my truck today

Killer Dowel sucks when that happens, but it sounds that way to me.
Killer dowel pin was a 12v problem I thought, not a 24v problem.

Chris I would find a good rebuild engine long block and get an independent mechanic that knows and deals with diesels to put it in. I would avoid the dealer, and the mechanic that does everything on anything. I used to turn wrenches before pressure washing and got a good idea of the trade and how things work. A mechanic that knows diesels and understands them will mean you have way less issues and warranty work after. A mechanic that just deals with everything won't know the small things which will cause you headaches once the job is done.

I say a rebuilt engine as a used engine (The way I went) you are basically taking some guys word on how it worked. Unless you can see the odometer and make sure the blow by is non existent, wouldn't do it. Too much time and $$$ spent on the engine swap to put a bad engine in or something that only lasts for a short while. Do it right and spend the extra money on the engine, not the labor.

My truck sat for 1.5 years before I did the engine, rent or find a cheap replacement for the time being.
KDP was only a 12v cummins problem.

What did you end up doing with your truck? Engine failure on a cummins with that many miles is very rare. Maybe your oil pump went out. You can find engines on Craigslist for 2-4k.

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The only engines I could find were from $5500.00 on up and that is from out of town plus whatever shipping was.

I rented a UHaul pickup truck for a month until I found a cheap used truck to pull my trailer. I bought a used truck and still using it.

I sold the 2005 Dodge with the bad cummins last December, it sat for over 1.5 years and I just could not afford another engine or labor to swap them out because of many different reasons.

This used truck I bought is decent but the fuel mileage is really bad and I am looking for another truck that is stronger.

I am not sure what happens to a truck or transmission when it sits for a while so that is another reason for selling it because I did not want to risk having other issues once I finally had the money to do the engine swap.

It sucks in many ways because that truck new was $38,500.00 but I got a good deal on it but only got 9 years out of it and I planned on driving it until it fell apart or hit 500,000 miles. I have heard of many other cummins not lasting 200,000 miles so maybe there are other defects out there. I think that will be my last diesel engine and I will just stick to gas engines for now on for many different reasons.
$5500 and up for another engine is cheap. A new 6.7L Ford Diesel is about $20,000 if it goes out and it's not under warranty. My 2015 has almost 60,000 on it now. I plan on selling it once it hits around 85,000 miles. I didn't get the extended warranty on this truck and I don't have that fat of a bank account if the engine fails after it hits 100,000 miles.