Virtual Prizes??????

should we include the online folks to win the virtual prizes?

We will have prizes in Atlanta april 26th 2008.. is it fair that the guys online get a shot?

Asking and want your opionions.

Count me in...Who knows I might win again
how about t- shirts for us online guys. we either broke and cant make the trip. or like me dead scared to fly. had a bad flight on messa airlines. noooooo mooorrrre.
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You gotta pay to play.
I'm with these guys. You should have to be there to win. I'm driving 5 hours to the Atlanta event. And its not because I'm scared of flying, I just don't like the whole idea of the baggage handler frisking me. :D

Speaking of prized. I tossed my the freebie I got for my first post in the truck and thought I'd never have to use it. I was wrong thanks for thinking ahead Ron, since I didn't.