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you are setting yourself up for very disappointing results if you are focusing on "hits" to your site. You should always be most focused on "unique visitors"... if you dont know the difference, hits are merely just the number of times your website is pulled up, or you can also get statistics to the number of pages that are viewed.

A "unique visitor", means that even if I go to your site 100 times in one month, it still only counts as 1 unique visitor. it is regulated by your computer's, or your potential customers, ip address. And this refreshed approximately once a month.

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Cullen Adams

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I need to help somebody in Orlando sooner than later

Ron Musgraves

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Cullen who in orlando would that be if its me feel free to pm me.

Your SEO for parking garage is one of the best in the country.

I know Cullen can get you more leads like he does me. I know he has helped Doug over the edge in Houston to.

probably the only web thing I've done that generates leads that are worthy. Mostly residential but really interesting to see the phone ring.

Text me for info on Milwaukee event. 480-522-5227