What was the Largest Convention In pressure washing History?

Soooooo who won?

LArgest contractor show ever was likley this one. 246
Which one was it? Photo is gone.
That's Tampa, Mary and I are front row beside Roger. Great RT, Charleston was a big turnout too.

Charleston was four days can't really put it in the same class. Ceta was there also, Tampa 2010 best show stand alone.

Tampa 2011 best education front and great turnout for sure. Not as many but truly a crowd that came to learn.

All the Milwaukee events have been pretty special to.

New Jersey this year was great!!

Iowa reached new heights with Tony taking it to another level. Best all a round show this year. Dynamic speakers never seen before.

Of course Nce has brought more enviro education directly from regulation than any group in the industry and I hope the UAmCc can carry the torch.

San Diego last year was a blast, it's the west coast relaxing fun destination for education.

Tony vegas show was the second show ever done with a play ground if demos and days of training. One of the best in my book.

Matt Normans Denver brought live Demos to customers another first only ever done again in Phoenix 2009. Denver had classroom demos and live sales training.

Wow !!!! I've forgotten we have done a ton.

Oct event San Diego free free text me for more details !!
The very first Albany show , many of the ACR events.

Acr event are great , Tom and Barbara have a special touch on round tables for sure.

North Carolina event was good sized as well.

Oct event San Diego free free text me for more details !!

Thats great Everett , when it was run well it was a sucess. That great for providing those photos of a sucessful PWNA , its refreshing to see the industry doing well.

Some think that because groups compete for members we wish others harm. Truthfully when I see others success I'm happy because we all stand to better from it, when others fail it only hurts us all.