Woodscapes is not color safe!


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Has anyone used SH to clean a house stained with Sherwin Williams Woodscapes waterbourne formula?

We ran into one recently and after 20 years doing this I thought I would run out of surprises. Danged if the wood trim painted with Woodscapes was not color fast. It turned from brown to teal green. fortunately we caught it early. But get this, we were not even getting the Woodscapes wet. The fumes from the SH mix from cleaning something else nearby was causing the color change. Go figure!

Question I have is what do we use to clean mildew off of this stuff (if we run into it again), and yes, we will now always test painted finishes for color fast.

Thanks for any incites!
Great question...I'm not a wood guy...but maybe a light hydroxide mix? Just cant make it strong or it will strip the sealer....I think I'd probably pass on it if had that Woodscapes on it though and what happened to you.

I wonder if household bleach, being weaker might work....diluted of course....