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Thanks All for the post and comments. The law of attraction has been useful in this search. I was able to discuss with an insurance agent, large roofing contractor, and several other small business owners. All have given me some very insightful advice. I will be collaborating my findings and verify. Once complete I will help others out.

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HI All,

As we all strive to build our business the growing pains of hiring befall us all. Safety, interviewing, taxes, benefits, and and the largest profit eater... Workers Compensation. With our industry changing to become more safe it seems apparent to me we are the only ones who know this. The insurance commissions, state legislators, and risk evaluators obviously do not. With the growing participation with associations that require certifications we can begin to prove that we are taking things seriously. I do understand the difference between subcontracting and hiring. I have hired subcontracts for several years. I am unsure how your state is reacting to misclassified contractors or even the "possibility" of a misclassified 1099 individual. But, here in Wisconsin someone is taking action.

I am unsure of your states requirements and costs for workers compensation, but here in Wisconsin it is $35 per $100 paid to the employee classified as a "window cleaner". An "exterior restoration worker," which includes power washing up to three stories, is $17 per $100. Because I offer all types of services I would still have to classify any employees under "window cleaner."

The classification "window cleaner" includes all types of window cleaning, Wisconsin does not have separate classifications among the identity "window cleaner", such as ground worker, up to three stories, and high rise. With the rising cost in taxes and possibly forced benefits it has become apparent we are not doing our job informing those we work with.

My research has shown I can insure an individual 24/7/365 days a year with heath, disability, and life insurance for the same price as insuring an individual on the job. This also includes any deductibles from a job related incident.

So.... I submit a CALL TO ACTION:

I submit all of us begin working together to spread the word. We have to come together as a group and inform our insurance agents and even further. I have mentioned the petition to a couple of people and thought getting a standard information sheet or brochure would be a great. In order to do this we need to have information.

We need to hear what actions you have considered or implemented for safety, certifications, and if any personal development. Are your companies taking advantage of working with associations, if so why. Are your associations pushing to promote this idea. We also need information such as the cost of having an employee in your state in the perspective classification. Included in the cost would be workers compensation rate, fed taxes, SS, state/local taxes, and any other costs related to having an employee due to regulations.

Thanks for attention on this, and I hope we all come together so we can make a difference.

Please email me any info regarding this so I can begin compiling.