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Access Plates for Grease exhuast
I have been seeing many F2 sandwich access plates being installed in type 1 grease ducts. These are NOT UL approved for grease duct installation as they are known to leak grease(badly in many cases). Ductmate makes a UL approved access plate called an Ultimate Plate. It cost more but it is a far superior access plate. Flamegard also has a UL listed access plate that can be field installed. I have seen claims that the F2 access doors adhere to NFPA96 standards. That is simply not true. Since the gasket is fire resistant but NOT grease resistant, it does not follow the current NFPA96 standard. 2008 NFPA96 standard "Access panels shall have a gasket or sealant that is rated for 815.6 degrees C (1500 degree F), and shall be greasetight." DO NOT use the F2 plates for type 1 grease ducts!!

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