Question for Mike Hinderliter about the Nola PWNA Truck class


Hello Mike, I was wondering what will be covered in the PWNA class for Truck Washing.

Will it be like a beginner or new-to-the-business class or is it for guys that are already doing fleet washing and to improve their business, selling to businessses, pitfalls to avoid, etc....?

Just wondering as there is no information that I can find so far to read about the class.

I know that this was just posted like a week or so ago but was just wondering what it will be about.

Thank You.


Mike, I know it is short notice but do you have a list of topics you will be discussing during your boot camp?

Just wondering what will be covered.

I am looking mostly for selling to fleet managers or fleet owners
areas overlooked by most companies and pitfalls to avoid when building up your business.



WCR Sales & Founder PWRA
Getting the chance to interact in a small group setting with a contractor with Michael's level of success is invaluable for anyone who owns or aspires to own a fleetwash business.

Glad you're going to make it, Chris!