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  • scott I am a North Texas power washer and have a few questions about a large bid coming up this week and could use some pointers. Its a large wash down job multiple times a week possibly every week all year long. The square footage area I am bidding are 45,000 sq foot and another at 44,000 square foot. If you could give me a ring or message that would be great
    Scott ,i dont see why I just cant get a copy.What I did was no different then what russ recently did with his friend/former employee post ing his problem with them and he 's the one that pulled my post multiple times.Talk about a hypocrit.With all the backroom coverups going on unless it benefits yall,perhaps yall should get into pollitics.
    hey scott

    to further our discussion today. technically speaking you have a hose ends problem not a hose problem. given that we skive the hose and that is the ultimate best way to crimp hose fittings onto hose and no one else has really told me of ends moving it leads me to believe you are somehow putting great stress and strain on the hose at the fitting near the machine. now reusables will not hold as well as our skive crimp fittings so it is imperative that you buy the cheapest jumper hose you can buy say 2ft


    Hey Scott, this is Aheron just wanting to see if can get copy of Envirospec problems thread that was removed due to the fact problem was never rectified even after promise of resolution.People thought this had been taken care of but has not.Please send copy to me in PM.Thank you Sir
    Scott how is it going? This is Josh Snider from Semper Fi Pressure Washing LLC out of the Orlando area. Kory told me that you are the one to change user names. I would like to change it from interlachen172 to Semper Fi PW. Thank you for your help.
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