Apple Goes Shopping At Wal Mart And Lowes

Apple Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Instructor
You can also buy a brass hose barb and "smash" it to get a fan pattern if needed
Yes, yu can!
The whole PURPOSE of this whole thread was to GET PEOPLE THINKING :)

I had a guy come here for work experience, and he about flipped out.
He said "Chris, you TEACH about Kynar fittings, and precision spray equipment, but there is regua=lar stuff on your trucks"

That is right, we live in the real world.
IOW, we sometimes make do with what we can get!

My Grandma could make better food in a cast iron skillet. then most "chefs" can make in a 100,000.00 kitchen.

It is the SKILL of the cleaner that is what this game is all about.

My trucks ain't pretty, hard to keep em that way using what we do.

At any given time, there may be special ordered, custom made stuff on them, OR the best we can get from auto parts, wal marrts, grainger, etc, etc, etc.


You can use walmart for all of your roof cleaning needs folks.
I agree! What a great find.

For you folks that were not able to find bleach that "works" the bleach in Walmart is 10% look!

Wow, you can find all of your precision spray equipment on the shelves of walmart.

Now, after you get home you need to market you roof cleaning biz.
You could easily spam the serps with some longtailed url intesive threads from
many media outlets and bamm you are in biz!

Scott Stone

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One thing I like about this thread is the demonstration of what can be done to service a customer in a pinch. If you have had not had to get creative at one time or another, then you have not been in business long enough.

Apple Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Instructor
You GOT it Scott :)
Man, we KNOW about every cool roof cleaning toy there is.
And discovered a fair amount of them too.
Sometimes, you do what ya gotta do to be on time, and service the customer.
I wanted to get people THINKING about what to do in a pinch,