Biggest round table Event ever!!!!!!

Scott Stone

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I was thinking some might like to have different classes for this round table. I was wondering, what kind of classes would everyone be interested in? I dont do house washing, but I have a few other skills that I could easily teach a class on.
Some Ideas:
Playing in traffic safely, or how to not become a hood ornament.
Machine diagnosis and repair for the mechanically challenged
Auto detailing.
Recovery and reclaim equipment
Environmental concrete washing
quickbooks class
welding for pressure washers
So anything else that someone might like?

Scott Stone

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I have a couple of different types of rigs. I can bring one each day so that you can see differences. One someone else set up and I bought it off of them. The other is all Scott.


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Im in for the welding class, I have no skills



I want to see Scott and Ron do a flatwork race. Scott on the wand, Ron with a surface cleaner.

Are they gonna wear their skirts?:D

If they agree to wear high-heels, I will go, just to see that!:D

Scott Stone

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Give her a hug and a kiss and tell her it is so you can afford to buy her a car.