Hose give away!!!!!!!!!! 2009 sept

I did'nt make the list.

You didnt make the list, that sucks. Well you guys will be in next week automatically.

Please post in the thread the address next week so we dont miss you.

Simply put your website URL in this post and we will randomly draw your name after the New Year to win the Hose. It’s that simple.
If you don’t have a website, make one.
she just told me that the list i posted was the one that wasnt edited. Lani in my office is going to go back thru the actual ones that she cut out and compare. If she forgot anyone we will Draw for another on Monday with the all the names. Shes says we have them all, I'm not going through the dumpster she it.LOL
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Thanks, I look forward to it. Its the one thing that I definatly needed this year!

No kidding, I've had 4 hoses blow out towards the end of the summer last year.

Congratulations on your luck! I won $3 on the powerball:D and I'm going to follow up with that friend of yours on the cleaning too.
Boy, it looks like I need to get out an ugly stick for someone. I probably would, except you would break it.
So I get to my first job this year, graffitti on a driveway, and discovered that 3 out my 4 50' hoses have all ripped. (I forgot to blow out the water). Good thing I won the hose!