In the past days some have called me and thanked me for having this bbs running. I appreciate the support and realize for every bad apple in the bunch there are 1000 good ones. (not taliking about you chris)

People on these bbs will back room you and say this or that. He said she said and when it all boils down to is fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started this bbs to raise the standards in the industry. I have accompished that and some don’t like it. Friends please put these loosers that gang and run like a pack of wolves out of your life. (I have)
Remember this; you’re the only one that can make a change or difference in your life. Ron Musgraves </SUP><SUP></SUP><SUP> or anyone else is not going to do this for you.</SUP>
I help here selfless with a bunch of others great guys here. I expect no money or have taken any in 9 years the site has been live. (Despite the rumors or millions I have made off the backs of contractors)
I thank you and the staff that makes this BBS great.

Look forward to seeing all in Atlanta and at every other date on the

NEVER Quit, it will just make you feel like a looser.</SUP>​

Funny someone sent me and Email of this Link!! People just always let you down.
People just always let you down.

Been saying it for years Ron.

"Push on for yourself"
"A pessimist is an experienced Optimist"
" The plane while airborne, is more important than the passengers"
....keep your enemies closer.

....many many "takers" out there.

However, I for one appreciate the "Surge" of involvement and energy you have put in the industry over the past decade. A real "Stand Up " guy you are.

Too bad you haven't made it to HOUSTON ( after a million request') for a RT.
We are not bad company in this neck of the country.
This is truly on of the best forums to be associated with. Many great people on here with great info that they do not mind sharing. Hope everyone continues to work together and continues to assist others with the needed help to keep our profession going in the right directions.

Thanks Richard, have a great Christmas!!