New organization, FOCUS

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Opinion of or on what? You don't know my opinion please do not pretend to. We have not spoken about it. I'm not planning to discuss it here.

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i still feel the same
New organization, FOCUS

Everyone has opinions on what’s needed. People need to allow the party’s a chance to group together and mold the organization.

The new organization should be willing to share information and provide resources to all.

Raising the industry standards is valuable, the industry has been moving forward despite the efforts in the past.

People inherently seek the truths and often find them. People networking will share story methods and techniques that get pass along.

The TGP method of standards is a great way to ensure your group is trying there best to hold the standards.

My problem with a cart blanch org is that will it be a wide range org. with it encompass many trades?

I don’t think a national org. will do very well with out millions thrown at it if people decide to cover a broad spectrum of service. TGP has focused on KEC and has not wavered from that. There focus is about KEC, tradesmen’s needs specialist. Customers need specialist; people rarely hire a KEC guy to tackle a large flatwork job.

If we as a group effectively look at our own markets and decide too start a local branch and work from a local stand somewhat recently like Celeste has done with the Carolinas this may very well be a stronger foundation platform.

Today we could start a national org, simply purchase a domain, announce it and fill out incorporation and make it legal. All would cost about 300 bucks. Does this mean it would function like a national organization? Probably NOT.

TGP has stratichicly placed people in areas throughout the country. This example is at least a start of what other org. did not do in the beginning stages. Some here have disagreements with certain people in these org, and ideals. I how ever study the success and the failures of all people and businesses. Ideas can be copied and made better; people starting anything need to study the sort Cummings of anyone’s success or failure. Keep in mind one mans failure could be another mans success.

This thread provides further discussion of a new organization. Please remain positive or professionally negative and please no personal attacks on individuals.

I will and stand behind a state organization run by the local contractors that know best for what they need locally. {Marketing, educations and awareness}

Co-op advertisement in local and national magazines, targeted specifically for certain types of pressure cleaning.

I often think we make the national thing more than it needs to be at this point in our lives and business.

My vote is start local and finish national if time and growth permits it.
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