Tony make sure you are eating every three hours.If you can eat the same things ex.Oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast,for a snack 3 hrs later eat something like tuna or chicken breast with sweet potato,3hrs after that chicken breast or turkey with a salad,3 hrs after that same as meal 2 then eat supper.When you eat the same things it much easier to track your progress.Also when you diet like this for several weeks your body will let you know when its time to eat without looking at your watch.Your metabolism will speed up very fast.Then the exercise part is another added bonus to that.One of the best things to speed up the weight loss if you can wake up first thing and do at least 30 mins of cardio do it before you eat.Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day that will help a bunch.If you are stuck at a certain weight for a while take a cheat day and indulge on what you want.Then get right back on the diet and you will drop.Good luck
I've seen you pics Hal. Because of that I know you are right! What you said is pretty close to what I do already. (Except for the egg whites. I'm too cheap to eat egg whites. I can't throw away 8 cents worth of the egg. Anyway, our ancestors would rise up out of the grave and slay everyone of us they caught doing anything as crazy as throwing away the best part of the egg! hahaha!)

I also don't eat potatoes. Haven't had one in six years. I substitute Cauliflower. Just last night I had some awesome "potatoes au gratin" with scalloped cauliflower and Turkey ham MMMMMMMM! And it was filling too and only about 60 calories per cup.

I'll try the cardio before I eat breakfast. We are having to work out at night now because I don't want to get up at 4 am to work out before we hit the road in the mornings. We've got one of those nice cool weeks where we can work all day without the sun killing us.

I like that cheat day thing. I have only gone over my calories 2 times in six months. Today might be number three. Maybe I need more calories. I was wiped out after yesterday's workout -

Plyometrics tonight. I HATE IT! But I love it!
Good Job i have just started back after a 4 month break.The diet and training is all about preparing being ready with something good to shove in instead of pulling in at the store for junk.You could buy the egg whites in a carton i used to feed the yellow part to the dog lol.Take care
I don't eat any junk. Haven't had sugar in 6 years, no white bread or flour other than the occasional breaded fish or chicken back when I got fat again. Got off caffeine a few months ago and shed an ibuprophen addiction I'd had since I was 21 from a doctor telling me I needed them to control migraines.

My diet was a diabetic diet with lots of good fats like Avacodos, nuts, etc and lots and lots of vegetables minus corn and light on the beans and no potatoes. When I started that diet in 2004 I was 313 lbs. I lost down to 217 very quickly as my body got used to having to convert my fat into energy via ketosis. I stayed under 230 till the economy started screwing with us in 2008 and by the time I was introduced to PWI and went to the PHX roundtable in Nov 2008 I was back up to 250.

Over the next two years I stayed on the right foods MOSTLY, but just ate WAYYYYYYY too much. Especially on the road and at hotels and roundtables.

When I had the stroke last year I had to look for a way to monitor my intake. That's when I found fat secret and have gone from 284 to 202 in six months. My goal is 184 (just to make it an even 100 lb loss) and I hope to make it before the Tampa Roundtable.

I like the amounts I'm eating at 1500 calories. I know I need more for these workouts. I'm hoping to eat the same "quantity" but add the extra 500 or so calories by adding in the good fats like the nuts and avacodos. That was my plan anyway. I hope I can stick to it.
I know what you mean about working Nights Tony, I had to make a Big Adjustment after 30 years of day work and working out in mid afternoon. All of our work for the most part is night work and now my workouts are early morning and it took a while to adjust to it. My body loves mid afternoon for working out but it is getting easier now. Yoga for Me in the morning, I'm sure it won't be as easy as it sounds.
Hal, I took your advice and cheated. I burned about 3k today and took in a little less than that. My question is this; Shelly is fasting for another reason tomorrow. Since I basically ate twice my normal.calories today is there anything wrong with my joining her tomorrow?
No never do that thats going the opposite way just cheat then resume normal calorie intake.You have lost a bunch of weight thats good.
I cherish my cheat day. I do mine every Saturday. This last week I had blueberry muffins, banana fosters french toast, and a burrito for breakfast, fried shrimp tacos with a few baskets of chips and 3 margaritas for lunch, a large pepperoni pizza with breadsticks and fried hot wings topped off with a 1/2 gallon of cookie dough ice cream.
I haven't eaten that much this entire year! Yesterday I ate more than I've eaten in a day in six months. I had three little Fiber One pancakes with a 1/2 cup of blueberries and sugar free syrup for breakfast - 8 oz of turkey ham with a little fat free mayo and mustard for a snack. A little bit of Rice Chex with unsweetened almond milk (with splenda) for lunch - A cup of asparagus with a little fat free mayo - a cup of corn flakes - 4 oz of turkey jerky - two big chicken tacos on low carb tortillas and topped it off with 4 big ol fat drinks. (as evidenced by my late night musical reminiscing posts!)

That's the most I've had in a day in six months! That's twice what I normally eat and usually I'm full. I think my body is telling me I need more calories with the workouts.

Just for fun, here's what 313 looks like - (BTW- Shelly would kill me if she knew I posted this picture. She was pregnant and didn't want to smile in this pic because we had met Joan Sever*nce in the airport and said hello and she was a real behatch. Her boyfriend was nice and asked if we wanted him to take a picture but it was too late Shelly already made up her mind about her)

The key to cheat days Tony is eating anything and everything. I eat to the point of almost getting sick. I could explain why but it wouldn't make since anyways. On cheat day NOTHING is off limits. Last Friday I was 196, Sunday morning I was 201, and Monday morning I was 194, 2 lbs less than before cheat day. Its VERY important!!
If it works I'll do it. I've only got 17 lbs to go. I'm not really in a hurry anymore. I'll try anything. Wow, how tall are you man? I thought you weighed about 175 or so. But everybody looks smaller when you're as big as I was.

That's part of losing weight too. It's a mental thing. I've gotten used to being the "big guy" and losing weight is kindof like losing your identity when you're no longer the "big guy".
I'm right at 6'. Most people guess I'm about 175, but I haven't been 175 since junior year in high school.
If it works I'll do it. I've only got 17 lbs to go. I'm not really in a hurry anymore. I'll try anything. Wow, how tall are you man? I thought you weighed about 175 or so. But everybody looks smaller when you're as big as I was.

That's part of losing weight too. It's a mental thing. I've gotten used to being the "big guy" and losing weight is kindof like losing your identity when you're no longer the "big guy".

Is that why it bugged you so bad that I was bigger (and taller) than you when we met up?
I can understand it. I'm used to being biggest and there were several guys taller than me at NOLA2011. Andrew from Orlando is HUGE! Not fat, just a giant. And he hates it that his brother is bigger than him.
Funny stuff.
The first thing Russ Spence ever said to me was "You're a lot bigger than I expected. Lol.
And to think I'm sitting here reading this right after I just ate 2 Big Macs and now I have a chocolate drumstic Ice Cream cone in my hand. UGH!!! I really need a new work out program.
How would someone do the food part when they don't know how to cook many things, seriously?

I know you can't live on high protein shakes but when you don't know how to cook a lot of things and don't have time to eat at restaurants for better food, how do you guys do this?

Are there some brands of pre-packaged foods that are good for you or easy to fix that will actually help you lose weight?